For better or worse, we may actually have to introduce members of our family to the people we meet in Latin America or in Spain — this may be more embarrassing for some than for others!

Here at Live Lingua, we’re going to teach you the basic vocabularly words you need to do so.

Say them out loud, both in English and Spanish — we promise, it will help you memorize the terms.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the practice.


Let us learn some vocabulary for immediate family so you can introduce them.  Repeat the audios out load until you can easily associate the Spanish and English word.  

Husband Esposo
Wife Esposa
Son Hijo
Daughter Hija
Brother Hermano
Sister Hermana
Father Padre 
Mother Madre

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Practice Exercise


Carlos López   +    María Pilar Suárez (de López)

 /              |                  \

  Ana López  —   Felipe López —   Antonio López  


Identify these family members:

1 Carlos es _____________________.

2 Felipe es _____________________ de Carlos y María Pilar.

3 Antonio es _________________________ de Ana y Felipe.

4 María Pilar es _________________________ de Ana, Felipe y Antonio.

5 Ana es _____________________________ de Carlos y _____________________ de Felipe.

6 María Pilar es ______________________________ de Carlos López.


Answers: 1  el padre, 2 el hijo, 3 el hermano, 4 la madre, 5 la hija, la hermana, 6 la esposa.

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