Let’s practice introducing others.  To introduce others we will use the phrase ‘le presento’ which means ‘may I introduce you to’. 

This is followed by ‘a mi’ if you are introducing a family member, since you are implying a relationship to you. 

Example:  Le presento a mi esposo -> May I introduce you to my husband.

If you are introducing a person by their first name, without including their title, you add an ‘a’ before the name:

Example: Le presento a Ray Blakney -> May I introduce you to Ray Blakney.

If you are introducing a person with their title you add either an ‘a la’ if they are female or ‘al’, spelled ‘A-L’ if they are male.  That is just contraction of ‘a el’.

Example:  Le presento a la doctora Sánchez -> May I introduce you to Dr. Sánchez.

Now, repeat all the following phrases out loud, but add the word ‘le presento’ at the beginning of each one.

Example: A mi hijo -> Le presento a mi hijo.

Let’s get started! 


A mi esposa
A mi padre
Al ingeniero Sánchez
A la maestra Smith
A mi hija
Al doctor Murata
A la licenciada Candice
A mi esposo

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Practice Exercise

María Pilar:  Buenos días, Señor Pérez.  Le presento a mi _____________________, Carlos López.  

Señor Pérez:  _______________________________, Señor López.


Antonio:  Buenas tardes, Ingeniero Soto.  Le presento ___________________________, Ana López.

Ana:  ______________________________, Ingeniero.  ¿Cómo ____________________usted?


Ana:  Buenas noches, doctora Rivera.  ________________________________ mis hermanos, Felipe y Antonio.

Doctora Rivera:  __________________________________, Felipe y Antonio.  ¿Cómo ___________________________________?


Answers:  hijo, mucho gusto, a mi hermana, mucho gusto, está, Le presento a, mucho gusto, están ustedes

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