This is a review to help you review what we’ve learned so far in Unit 1 of the Live Lingua Spanish Podcast.

If you’ve listed to all of them and practices the exercises, you should be able to get through every word of it now – even if you weren’t able to when you started this course!

If you listen to it again and there’s a part you still don’t understand, go back and listen to that episode (links here in the previous articles.)

Let’s get started!


Laura Ramirez: Buenos días Sr. Gomez.  Mi nombre es Laura Ramirez.
Miguel Gomez:  Buenos días Srta. Ramirez.  ¿Como esta?
Laura: Muy bien, gracias.  ¿Y usted?
Miguel:  Muy bien, gracias.
Laura:  Le presento a mi esposo Raymond Blakney
Miguel: Mucho gusto Sr. Blakney.

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