One of the best ways to learn anything is to visualize it. This is why you see boxers doing a visualization of their practice and shadowboxing.

We’re going to try the equivalent in language learning. We’re going to give you three scenarios. Close your eyes (as long as you’re not driving, of course) and imagine you’re in the scenarios.

You’ll say something in Spanish based on what we’ve learned in this unit. Try to imagine the conversation in your head — either be the person who is asking the questions or answering them.

Let’s see if you can do it!


Imagine you are in these three scenarios and try to picture in your head how the conversation would go.

1) You are at a party with your husband or wife.  If you are not married, make up a name for them. You see your new co-worker Mr. Smith and you walk over to introduce your spouse.

2) You have just meet two new people on your trip to Mexico.  Tell them it is a pleasure to meet you and ask them how they are both doing.

3) I am Mrs. Jones and we run into each other on the street at 1:00 p.m.  Greet me and ask me, “how are you?”

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