¡Buenos días!

In this episode, we’re going to learn how to say Good Morning (hint: we just did!), Good Afternoon, and Good Evening in Spanish.

In order to say “Good Morning,” you’d say:

Buenos Días

In order to say “Good Afternoon,” you’d say:

Buenas Tardes

In order to say “Good Evening,” you’d say:

Buenas Noches

The one thing to pay attention to is the ending on the “Buenos” the “good” part. In the morning, it ends with an “-os,” as the term is male. In the afternoon and evening, it ends in “-as”, as the term is female.

This is one of the most common errors I see people trying to learn Spanish make when they are trying to greet people in Mexico.

As you listen to this episode, complete the exercises by simply repeating what you hear — repeat it in Spanish and in English, as this will actually imprint it on your mind.

Say it out loud if you’re not in a public space — and if you are and you aren’t embarrassed, say it out loud there as well!

As an additional tip, read along with this text as you listen to the episode, so you’re not only saying it, you’re hearing it and you’re seeing it.

Let’s get started!


Buenos días Good morning
Buenas tardes Good afternoon
Buenas noches Good evening.

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Practice Exercises

¿Qué dices?  What do you say?  How would you greet people at these times a day?  (The 24-hour clock is often used so as not to confuse times of day, especially for bus schedules, plane tickets, etc.)

1 10:00 

2 13:30

3 2:00

4 15:45

5 20:15


Answers:  1: Buenos días, 2: Buenas tardes, 3: Buenas noches, 4: Buenas tardes, 5: Buenas noches

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