What we’re going to do in this section is bring it all together!

We’re going to combine what you’ve learned in the past few episodes about greetings and honorifics.

Let’s practice a little bit. When you hear a phrase in Spanish, we want you to translate it into English. Say it out loud if you can, because that’s one of the best ways to learn.

Here are some examples:

If we say, “Buenos dias, Señor Smith.”

You would say, “Good morning, Mr. Smith.”

If we say, “Buenas noches, Licienciada Sanchez.”

That translates to, “Good evening, Mrs. Sanchez,” but we’re also implying that Mrs. Sanchez has a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Is that clear?

Don’t worry if not, because we’re going to go through all of this and our exercises are pretty much the same — and you can repeat this episode as many times as you need.

Let’s get started!


Buenos días Sr. Gomez   Good morning Mr. Gomez
Buenas noches Sra. Garcia Good evening Mrs. Garcia
Buenas tardes Licienciado Smith Good afternoon Mr. Smith (implying Mr. Smith has a Bachelors of Arts)
Buenos días Doctora Jones Good morning Dr. Jones (implying that Dr. Jones is Female)
Buenas tardes Maestro Ramirez Good afternoon Mr. Ramirez (implying Mr. Ramirez is male and is a teacher or has a Masters)
Buenas noches Ingeniera Sanchez Good evening Ms. Sanchez (implying Ms. Sanchez has a Bachelors of Science degree)
Buenos días Señor y Señora Robinson Good morning Mr. And Mrs. Robinson
Buenas noches Ingeniero Galvan y Doctora Martinez Good evening Mr. Galvan (implying Mr. Galvan has a Bachelor of Science) and Dr. Martinez (implying Dr. Martinez is female).

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Practice Exercise

Practice greeting these people:

1 19:00, unknown male

2 9:30, female physician

3 12:15, female notary

4 16:45, male industrial designer

5 21:00, grandmother


Answers: 1 Buenas tardes, señor; 2 buenos días, doctora; 3 buenas tardes, licenciada; 4 buenas tardes, ingeniero, 5 buenas noches, señora

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