In this episode, we’re going to practice everything that you’ve learned in the past episodes.

We’re going to do this by giving you the time of day and the subject of the conversation. Perhaps “married female” or “Dr. Ramirez.”

From that, we’re going to ask you to come up with the correct greeting for this person.

For example:

Example: Morning – Married female -> Buenos días, señora.  
                  Afternoon – Doctor Ramírez -> Buenas tardes, doctor Ramírez (where it is implied that Dr. Ramírez is a man).

When you hear the time of day and title of the person in English, create the greeting in Spanish.   The first time through, we will only say the question so you can come up with the answer.

Then we will go through the questions a second time and include the correct answer in Spanish.

Do try it the first time through yourself — you don’t want to just blindly repeat what we say!

Let’s get started!


Evening – Male Buenas noches, señor.
Morning – Single female Buenos días, señorita.
Afternoon – Male with Bachelor of Science Buenas tardes, ingeniero.
Evening – Female with Bachelor of Arts Buenas noches, licienciada.
Afternoon – Male doctor Buanas tardes, doctor.
Morning – Female teacher Buenos días, maestro.
Afternoon – Male and female with Bachelor of Arts Buenas tardes, licienciado y licienciada.
Evening – Female doctor and male  Buenas noches, doctora y señor.

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