Now that you’ve learned how to say good morning, good afternoon, and good evening in Spanish, as well as addressing the people you’re talking to, let’s move on to the next step:

How to introduce yourself!

When you introduce yourself, the only phrase you really need to know is “Yo soy” – “I am.”

You put this phrase in front of your name and you’ve done it!

Yo soy Ray Blakney — I am Ray Blakney.

In this example, we’ll pretend you are introducing yourself. To make it more complicated, replace the names we give you with your own name so that you can practice using the phrase as you will in a Spanish speaking country.

Practice introducing yourself at the phrase “yo soy” (I am)  to the front of each Spanish phrase.

Example: El señor Jack Smith -> Yo soy el Señor Jack Smith.
                  La doctora Jane Sánchez -> Yo soy la doctora Jane Sánchez.

Let’s get started!


La señorita Shannon Jones
El señor John Lambert
El licenciado Robert Wagner
La señora Jackie Ramírez
El doctor Gregory Houser
El maestro Jerome Sánchez
La licenciada Jane Gerber
El ingeniero Sam Jacobson

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Practice Exercise

¿Quién eres tú?  Who are you?

Ex.  Yo soy madre, yo soy hermana.  Mi hija es Elizabeth.  Mi hermana es Marcia.

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