While the variety of food you can try when traveling around Latin America and Mexico is almost limitless, there are some staple dishes that you can see almost everywhere. Let’s learn those. 

Keep in mind, however, that the way these dishes are served can also vary by country even if the base ingredients are the same.

There are, of course, dishes famous in each region and we encourage you to do some research online to find out what they are and try them when you visit.

Repeat the following.

Let’s get started! 


Arroz Rice
Fideos Noodles
Papas Potatoes
Salad Ensalada
Tortillas Tortillas
Bistec Steak
Chuletas Pork Chops
Huevos fritos Fried Eggs
Huevos duros Hard-boiled eggs
Pan Bread
Tocino Bacon

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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Practice Exercises

¿Cómo te gusta?

La chuleta, ¿qué término?

Los huevos fritos, ¿qué término?

El bistec, ¿qué término?

El tocino, ¿qué término?

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