When asking if someone likes a country they are in, the way you ask varies slightly depending on whether you are asking an individual or a group of people.

For an individual, you say, “Le gusta . . .”

This means “Do you like.”

For a group, you would say, “Les gusta . . . “

This makes it plural.

Repeat the audios out loud distinguish between the two forms.  

Let’s get started!


¿Le gusta México? Do you like Mexico? (singular)
¿Les gusta México? Do you like Mexico? (plural)
¿Le gusta Buenos Aires? Do you like Buenos Aires? (singular)
¿Le gusta Santiago? Do you like Santiago? (singular)
¿Les gusta Antigua? Do you like Antigua? (plural)
¿Les gusta Cartagena? Do you like Cartagena? (plural)

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