In the previous episode, we went over asking whether you like a place or not. In this episode, we’re answering that question.

When you answer whether you like a place or not, there are of course two ways to respond — yes or no.

Depending on your answer, the form you use will be a little different

If you say, yes.  You would say “Sí me gusta.”

If you say, no.  You would say “No me gusta”.

The other consideration is if are answering for yourself or for your family, or group.  If you are answering for yourself, you use the word “me”. Spelled like English “mEE”, but pronounced “Meh”.  

If you are answering for your family or group of friends, you would use the word “nos”.

So for yourself you would answer “Sí me gusta”.

For your family or group it would be “Sí nos gusta”. 

Answer the following questions based on the question and answer provided:

Example:  Sí – ¿Le gusta México?  -> Sí me gusta México
Another Example: No – ¿Le gusta Nicaragua?  -> No nos gusta Nicaragua.

Let’s get started! 


No – ¿Le gusta México? No me gusta México
Sí – ¿Les gusta Honduras? Sí nos gusta Honduras
Sí – ¿Le gusta Buenos Aires? Sí me gusta Buenos Aires
No – ¿Le gusta Santiago? No me gusta Santiago
Sí- ¿Les gusta Antigua? Sí nos gusta Antigua
No – ¿Les gusta Cartagena? No nos gusta Cartagena

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