Now let’s combine everything you’ve learned in Unit 2 of the Live Lingua Spanish Podcast up to this point.

We’re going to say some phrases using the material you’ve learned in the last few episodes.

The first time, we’ll only say it in English to see if you can answer in Spanish yourself.

The second time through, we’ll say it in English and Spanish.

Using what you learned in the previous two exercises translate the following English phrases into Spanish.  Make sure you say it out loud so you can not only say it so you can practice auditory and kinesthetic learning.

If the question is asked to a group, we will say “group” at the end of each questions. 

If you have any trouble, repeat the previous units as necessary.

Let’s get started! 


Yes, I like Mexico Sí, me gusta Mexico
Do you like Puerto Rico? (group) ¿Le gusta Puerto Rico?
No we don’t like Cartagena. No nos gusta Cartagena
Do you like San Miguel? (group) ¿Les gusta San Migual?
Yes we like Cancun. Sí, nos gusta Cancun

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