Let’s practice asking where people are from.  There are three ways to ask this in Latin America.  There are two ways to ask an individual — a formal and informal way.

For somebody you know well you would ask:

“¿De donde eres?”

For somebody you don’t know well you would ask:

“¿De donde es?”

If you are not sure which form to use, err on the side of formality and use this form.

If you are asking a a group of two or more people you say “De donde son?”  There is no formal for plural in most of Latin America. 

In this exercise ask the correct question based on the indications.

Example:  Your best friend – “De donde eres?”
Another example: Your doctor – “De donde es?”
Another Example: A group of tourists – “De donde son?”

Let’s get started! 


Your new boss ¿De donde es?
A group at a restaurant ¿De donde son?
A good friend ¿De donde eres?
A doctor ¿De donde es?
A couple ¿De donde son?
Your cousin ¿De donde eres?

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