Let us practice answering the question where are you from.  Like most things in Spanish the phrase you would do to answer depends on whether you are answering for yourself or a group.

If you are answering just for yourself you would say:

“Soy de”

If you are answering for a group you would say:

“Somos de”

Answer the following questions based on who you are answering for and the location provided.

Example:  Yourself – Houston  –> “Soy de Houston?”
Another example: Group – Tokyo –> “Somos de Tokyo”

Let’s get started! 


Yourself – Boston  Soy de Boston
Group – Toronto Somos de Toronto
Yourself – San Francisco Soy de San Francisco
Yourself – Istanbul Soy de Istanbul
Group – Melbourne Somos de Melbourne
Group – Marakesh Somos de  Marakesh

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Practice Exercises

Tell where these people are from:


1 Marco Antonio Miami

2  Tú ¿?

3 Los señores Alvarez Texas

4 tú y tu amigo ¿?

5 los turistas Estados Unidos

6 tú y tu hermana ¿?

7 Ustedes Canada



1 Es de Miami.

2 Soy de ____________

3 Son de Texas.

4 Somos de ____________

5 Son de los Estados Unidos

6 Somos de ______________

7 Son de Canadá.

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