Now we’re going to bring together what you’ve learned in the last few episodes to talk about where you live.

Using what you learned in this unit translate the following English sentences.

Just like in the last unit, we’re only going to give you the English sentences the first time through. Try to say the answers in Spanish on your own.

The second time though, we’ll give you the answers — just to make sure you got them correct.

If you have any trouble, repeat the previous units as necessary.

Let’s get started! 


I am from California Soy de California
I have lived in Panama for six years. He vivido en Panama seis años
I like El Salvador.  It is hot here. Me gusta El Salvador.  Hace calor.
Is it cold in Vancouver? Hace frío en Vancouver?
Where are you from? (asking a group) De donde son?
We are from Portland Somos de Portland

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