This will be a visualization practice covering everything you’ve learned in Unit 2.

Imagine you are in these three scenarios and try to picture in your head how the conversation would go.

If you don’t know how to answer any of these questions correctly, review the previous episodes in this unit for a quick practice.

Let’s get started!


1)  You are at a small dinner gathering and speaking to somebody you just meet.  Ask them where they are from and how long they have been living in Cancun?

2) You and your spouse have been asked if you like living in Chile.  Answer for the both of you.

3) You are passing through immigration in Venezuela.  The immigration officer asks you where you are from. How would you answer?

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Practice Exercises

  1. ¿Cómo se dice?  How do you say?

1 Do you like Mexico?      Usted

2 Do you like México?   Tú

3 I like Querétaro.

4 We like San Miguel.

5 It is a little cold in Querétaro (en la mañana)

6 I have been living in Querétaro 2 years.



1 ¿Le gusta México?

2 ¿Te gusta México?

3 Me gusta Querétaro.

4 Nos gusta San Miguel.

5 Hace un poco de calor en Querétaro en la mañana.

6 He vivido en Querétaro dos años.


2. Count from 10 to 0 in Spanish.


diez, nueve, ocho, siete, seis, cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, uno, cero


3. Tell where you are from originally, something about the weather, how long you have lived here, whether you like it here, etc.



Yo soy de Chicago.  En Chicago hace mucho calor y hace mucho frío. No me gusta.  He vivido en Querétaro diez años.  En Querétaro, hace un poco de frío y un poco de calor.  Me gusta mucho.


After you tell where you are from, re-tell everything using the plural form, if you have a partner.   

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