Let’s not confuse you — we’re not actually diving into how to say the days, weeks, and months in Spanish in this episode.

We’ll get into that in later episodes.

What we’re actually going to do is learn how to say the word “day(s),” week(s),” and month(s),” and similar terms in Spanish.

This is really important if you want to tell someone how long you’ve been somewhere, how long you’re going to be somewhere, or find out how long other people have been in those locations.

You know the drill — we’ll say the word in English and in Spanish, and you say it OUT LOUD — you need to hear yourself say it!

Now let’s learn how to say different units of time such as days, weeks and months in Spanish. Repeat the Spanish out load until you know them by memory. Of course, we don’t recommend doing this in public space!

Let’s get started! 


Día Day
Días Days
Semana Week
Semanas Weeks
Mes Month
Meses Months
Año Year
Años Years

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Practice Exercise

¿Cómo se dice?  How do you say…

1 5 months

2 8 weeks

3 10 days

4 9 months

5 6 weeks


Answers:  1 cinco meses, 2 ocho semanas, 3 diez días, 4 nueve meses, 5 seis seman

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