Now, we’re going to put together everything you’ve learned in the past three episodes.

You’ll learn how to tell people how long you’ve lived in a certain place.

The first time through, we’re going to say certain sentences in Spanish. See if you can figure out how long that person has lived somewhere.

The second time through, we say them in Spanish and in English, just to make sure you’ve got it.

If you don’t understand any part of it, go back and listen to the previous episodes.

Let’s get started!


He vivido en Acapulco diez años. I have lived in Acapulco for 10 years
He vivido en Medallin cuatro meses. I have lived in Medallin for four months
He vivido en Santiago una semana. I have lived in Santiago for a week.
He vivido en Cusco nueve días I have lived in Cusco for 9 days
He vivido en Quito dos años I have lived in Quito for 2 years
He vivido en San Cristobal siete semanas I have lived in San Cristóbal for seven weeks

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