Let’s bring together everything you’ve learned in this unit and answer the question, “Do you have children?”

I’m going to say a phrase in Spanish, and I want you to say the Spanish equivalent. The first time through, I’ll say the phrase only in English, followed by a pause to say the answer in Spanish.

The second time through, I’m going to say it in English and then we’ll give you the Spanish answer to make sure you got it correct

Say the following in Spanish.  If you are not able to, please feel free review the previous episodes until you have it down.


We have two children, a boy and a girl. Tenemos dos hijos, un niño y una niña
I  have four children, two boys and two girls Tengo cuatro hijos, dos niños y dos niñas
I have three girls.              Tengo tres hijas
I don’t have children No tengo hijos
We have two sons and two daughters Tenemos dos niños y dos niñas
We have 10 children, six boys and four girls.


Tenemos diez hijos, seis niños y cuatro niñas

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