In Latin America it is actually unusual for somebody to ask what you do when you first meet.  The first question you get is usually about your family — it will more likely be about whether you are married or have children. This is a cultural difference an you should not be offended if strangers ask you what you consider to be person questions about family or even religion.

“A que se dedica?” literally translates to “what do you dedícate yourself to”.  This is how you ask what your job or profession is.

In Spanish, the word “hijos” can mean “sons” or “children”.  This is why we clarify afterward to specify one child is a daughter.  

In Latin America, if you are at a gathering with a lot of people it is traditional to say goodbye (adios) to everybody at the party when you leave.  This can apply even when there are 20 people at the party. If there are more than that, then it is polite to say goodbye to the host and then everybody you pass on the way out at a minimum.

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