If someone asks your profession, you could give a one-word answer as we did in the previous episode.

But in general, it would sound more professional if you could actually speak in full sentences. In this episode, we’ll learn how to do that.

After learning the word for a professional Spanish, say “Soy un” or “Soy una” and repeat it out loud.

Example:  Doctor -> Soy Un Doctor

If the word ends in an “o” but you are a female change it to an “a”.  If the word ends in a consonant, then add an “a” to the end to make it feminine.  

The “un” before the profession would also change to “una” for females.

Example: Maestro -> Soy una Maestra
Another Example:  Consultor -> Soy una consultora

Let’s get started! 


Maestro I am a teacher
Abogado I am a lawyer

I am a salesperson

Enfermero I a nurse
Mesero I am a waiter
Supervisor I am a manager

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Practice Exercises

Try to say who works in these places:

1 hospital

2 escuela

3 tienda

4 restaurante

5 oficina

6 banco

7 planta


Answers:  (of course can be either gender)

1 doctor, enfermera

2 maestro

3 vendedor

4 mesero

5 abogado, supervisor, gerente

6 gerente, supervisor

7 supervisor, ingeniero

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