If you’re going to be traveling between cities in Spain or Latin America, chances are you’re going to be using some kind of public transportation, whether it be buses, trains or planes. In this unit, we’re going to work through some conversations on how to buy tickets for public transportation.

By the end of the unit you should be able to:

  1. Count from 10 to 999,999 in Spanish.
  2. Ask what time the buses, plains or trains leave. 
  3. Tell others the time and understand when you are told the time.
  4. Ask how much a ticket costs and understand the reply.

If you want to read along with the text of these episodes, just go to https://www.livelingua.com/podcast and click on the link with the same name as the episode you’re listening to. This way you can get the full immersion experience of listening, reading and repeating.

Let’s get started!


We’ll see you in the next episode!

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