To learn how to tell the time in Spanish let’s start by learning some more numbers. If you don’t remember how the say the Spanish numbers from 1 to 10, then please go back and review Unit 2.5.

In this episode we will learn how to count from 10 to 999,999. I figure that will be enough to get you what you need. Don’t worry, we are not going to do every number one by one. We’ll teach you some tricks to make it a lot easier!

Just like the Spanish numbers of 1 to 10, the numbers in Spanish from 11 to 30 each have different ways of saying them. 

After the number 20 however, you just have to learn the base numbers like 30, 40, 100, 1000 and combine them in order to come up with bigger numbers.

Repeat the following numbers out loud in English and in Spanish to memorize them.

Let’s get started!


11 Once
12 Doce
13 Trece
14 Catorce
15 Quince
16 Dieciséis
17 Diecisiete
18 Dieciocho
19 Diecinueve
20 Veinte
21 Veintiuno
22 Veintidós
23 Veintitrés
24 Veinticuatro
25 Veinticinco
26 Veintiséis
27 Veintisiete
28 Veintiocho
29 Veintinueve
30 Treinta
40 Cuarenta
50 Cincuenta
60 Sesenta
70 Setenta
80 Ochenta
90 Noventa
100 Cien
200 Doscientos
300 Trescientos
500 Quinientos
1000 Mil

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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