¡Buenos días!

This m-episode is a conversation between Laura Ramirez and a taxi driver. Mrs. Ramirez is trying to get to her hotel and must negotiate the price. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it all yet, we’re going to break it down bit by bit in this unit and practice everything.

Let’s get started!


Laura Ramirez: Good morning.  Are you free?

Taxi Driver:  Good morning.  Yes, I am.

Mrs. Ramirez:  How much to take me to the Hotel Marques

Driver:  50 pesos

Mrs. Ramirez:  That much?

Driver:  Yes.  That hotel is located very far from here and gas is very expensive.  Mrs. Ramirez:  Can you do it for 40 pesos.

Driver:  Well, ok.  Do you have any luggage.

Mrs. Ramirez:  I only have two small suitcases.

This is the same conversation in Spanish.  Don’t worry if you can’t understand it yet.  We will break it down and practice it.

Laura Ramirez: Buenos días.  ¿Está libre?

Taxi Driver:  Buenos días. Si Señora.

Mrs. Ramirez: ¿Cuánto me cobra al Hotel Marques?

Driver:  cincuenta pesos

Mrs. Ramirez:  ¿Tanto?

Driver:  Sí, Señora. Ese hotel esta muy lejos de aquí y la gasonlina está muy cara ahora 

Mrs. Ramirez:  ¿Me puede lleva por cuarenta pesos?

Driver:  Bueno, está bien. ¿Tiene equipaje?

Mrs. Ramirez:  Solamente tengo dos maletas pequeñas.

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