Now let’s learn how to tell your driver where you want to go. 

When you are telling somebody you want to go to a place, you use the word: “A”

Spelled with just an “a” but pronounced “ah”. 

All you have to do is add this to the beginning of a location to indicate you want to go there. The only other think you have to pay attention to is the gender pronoun of the location. 

For a masculine location like “el restaurante” you would concatenate the “a” and “el” to for “al”.  So you would say “Al restaurante”.

For feminine locations like “la estación de tren” you keep it separate.  So “A la estación de tren.” It’s that easy.  Now try a few to practice. 

Let’s get started!


El Hotel Esperanza. Al Hotel Esperanza, por favor.
El aeropuerto Al aeropuerto, por favor.
La estación de autobuses A la estación de autobuses, por favor.
El museo del arte Al museo del arte, por favor.
La estación de trén A la estación de trén, por favor.
El restaurante El Rio Al restarante El Rio, por favor.

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