Now that you know the basic root numbers, you can create numbers up to 999,999 in Spanish. Here are some examples:

Example: 31 -> Treinta (Spanish for “thirty”) y uno (Spanish for “and one”) so “thirty and one”.
Example: 131 -> Ciento (Spanish for one hundred) treinta (Spanish for “thirty”) y uno (Spanish for “and one”).

Note that when you add the last digit in any number between 31 and 99 in Spanish you add the word “y” which means “and”. So, the number 52 “five and two”, would be “cincuenta y dos”.

For 100, when you combine it with any number it becomes “ciento”. Thus, 121 would be “ciento veintiuno” not “cien veintiuno”.

When you’re saying 200 or any higher multipliers of a 100, then you would use the word “cientos”. Notice the “s” at the end. Because you’re saying hundreds, it is now plural. So, for example, two hundred is “doscientos” (again, the “s”).

The only number that breaks this pattern, from 100 to 900 is the number, 500.  For that you would say “quinientos” so, “quin” would be de “5” and “ientos” would be the 100. This is the only exception to the rule, otherwise you just say the number with “cientos” afterwards.

The same rule applies to the 1000’s, simply say the number and add the word “mil”, which means 1000, after it. Here’s some examples:

Example: 5,000 –> cinco mil.
Another Example: 5,131 -> cinco mil ciento treinta y uno.

Now let’s try some for yourself. I’m going to say the numbers in English and then you’ll try to come up with the numbers in Spanish.

Let’s get started!








Now let’s do it again with the answers included!

62 Sesenta y dos.
149 Ciento cuarenta y nueve.
599 Quinientos noventa y nueve.
1,488 Mil cuatrocientos ochenta y ocho.
10,500 Diez mil quinientos.
999,999 Novecientos noventa y nueve mil, novecientos noventa y nueve.

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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