Now that you know how to say and understand the hours, let’s focus a bit on the minutes. In Spanish, you can say the minutes after the hours, just like in English. Here’s an example:

3:16 -> Son las tres dieciséis.

You can do that for almost any time. There are, however, some shortcuts you can use for certain times. For example, if it’s 30 minutes past the hour, you can say “y media” which means “half” so:

3:30 -> Son las tres y media.

You could also say “tres treinta”, which is three and the number thirty and people would also understand you.

For fifteen minutes past the hour, you can say “tres y cuarto”. That means three and a quarter. That would be “three fifteen”. Just like in the previous example you can also say “three” and the number “fifteen” -> “Tres y quince” and people would understand you.

Let’s try some yourself. The first time through I’m just going to say the times in English, we are not worrying about am and pm in this one. Try to say the time in Spanish yourself. The second time through I’ll say it in English and also give you the Spanish translation to make sure you got it correct.

Let’s get started!  








Now let’s do it again with the answers included.

5:35  Son las cinco treinta y cinco.
1:11  Es la una once.
6:22  Son las seis veintidós.
12:10 Son las doce diez.
8:30 Son las ocho y media
4:45 Son las cuatro cuarenta y cinco.

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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