Let’s practice asking what time the transportation you want to use is leaving. In Spanish you ask “when does x leave for y?” where “x” is the vehicle (bus, plain, train) and “y” is the location you want to go to. So, in Spanish it would be “¿a qué hora sale “x” a “y”?

So, for this exercise I’m going to give you the vehicle and the location. All you need to do is fill in the blanks.

Example: if I say “el camión” – “Puebla” -> ¿A qué hora sale el camión a Puebla?

“El camión” is the “x” and “Puebla” (which is a city in Mexico) is the “y”.

Let’s get started!


El camión – Córdoba.

-El avión – Houston.

-El tren – Cuzco.

Now let’s do it again with the answers included.

El camión – Córdoba  ¿A qué hora sale el camión a Córdoba?
El avión – Houston  ¿A qué hora sale el avión a Houston?
El tren – Cuzco  ¿A qué hora sale el tren a Cuzco?

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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