If you’re going to go to the market, you’ll probably want to know the names of the products you’re going to buy there. That’s what we’re going to get started in this unit. Let’s go over some basic products in the market. We’re going to say them in English and in Spanish so just repeat them both out loud until you memorize them.

Let’s get started!  


El pescado.
Chicken. El pollo.
Beef. La carne.
Pork. La carne de puerco.
Egg. El huevo.
Tomato. El tomate.
Lettuce. La lechuga.
Avocado. El aguacate.
Onion. La cebolla.
Carrot. La zanahoria.
Apple. La manzana.
Orange. La naranja.
Banana. El plátano.
Papaya. La papaya.
Mango. El mango.
Pineapple. La piña.

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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