In this episode we’ll learn how to ask for a specific weight of a product. If you need to refresh your Spanish numbers, feel free to review episodes 2.5 and 5.4.

In Spanish, if you want to request an specific weight of a product, you can start by simply saying the Spanish number of the weight and the words “gramos” for grams or “kilos” for kilograms. For example:

350 grams -> trescientos cincuenta gramos.

2 kilograms -> 2 kilos.

There is actually a shortcut when you want to get 500 grams of something, so it’s one half of a kilo so. in Spanish, you would say “medio kilo”. That literally translates into “one half of a kilogram”.

For this exercise you are going to use the phrase “¿me da x de y, por favor”? This translates into “could you please give me x of y?” where “x” is the weight of the product and “y” is the product you want. So I’m going to give you the weight and the product in English and you need to insert it into that sentence. Here’s an example:

If I say 450 grams – Onion

You should say:

¿Me da cuatro cientos cincuenta gramos de cebolla, por favor?

Don’t forget to add “por favor” at the end of the sentence to make it polite.

Let’s get started!


600 grams – Tomatoes

300 grams – Chicken

500 grams – Fish

755 grams – Onion

1 ½  kg – pork

250 grams – carrot

Now let’s do it again with the answers included.

600 grams – Tomatoes ¿Me da seiscientos gramos de tomates, por favor?
300 grams – Chicken ¿Me da trescientos gramos de pollo, por favor?
500 grams – Fish ¿Me da medio kilo de pescado, por favor?
755 grams – Onion ¿Me da 600 gramos de cebollas, por favor?
1 ½  kg – pork ¿Me da 1 kilo y medio de carne de puerco, por favor?
250 grams – carrot ¿Me da un cuarto de zanahoria, por favor?

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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