In this episode we’ll learn how to ask for a specific number of a product. Again, if you need to refresh your Spanish numbers, please review episodes 2.5 and 5.4 of the Live Lingua Spanish Podcast.

When you’re asking for a specific number of a product, the 2 things you have to keep in mind are the gender of the product you’re asking for and whether you are asking for one, or more than one of a product.

If you’re asking for only one of a certain item, the gender is very important. 

For example: “1 apple” -> “una manzana”.

But if you were asking for “1 banana” -> “un plátano”.

Notice that “manzana” is feminine so we say “una”. “Plátano” is masculine so we say “un”.

If you’re asking for more than one product, then you don’t have to worry about the gender. So again, let’s review, 1 apple” would be “una manzana”, but if you’re asking for “2 apples”, you would say “2 manzanas”. Note that if we are asking for more than one item, we’re adding an “s” to the end of the item so “manzanas” with an “s”.

I know it’s obvious but, asking for specific amounts of products only makes sense for some fruits and  vegetables. You wouldn’t ask for 1 beef. Unless, of course, you’re buying the entire cow.

So for this exercise I’m again going to give you a number and the product in English and then you’re going to give me the phrase in Spanish. So for this exercise we’re going to use the phrase “¿me da “x” “y”, por favor? where “x” is the number of the products you’re going to buy and “y” is the product itself. So, for example if I say:

3 – Lettuce

You would say:

¿Me da tres lechugas, por favor?

Let’s get started.  ¡Empecemos!

5 – Apples

1 – Pineapple

9 – Carrots

3 – Mangos

1 – Papaya

10 – Cebollas

Now let’s do it again with the answers included.

5 – Apples ¿Me da cinco manzanas, por favor?
1 – Pineapple ¿Me da una piña, por favor?
9 – Carrots ¿Me da nueve zanahorias, por favor?
3 – Mangos ¿Me da tres mangos, por favor?
1 – Papaya ¿Me da una papaya, por favor?
10 – Cebollas ¿Me da diez cebollas, por favor?

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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