Now let’s bring all that you have learned in this unit together. Say the following sentences in Spanish. The first time through we will only say it in English, so you can see if you get the Spanish yourself. The second time through we’ll say the Spanish version after the English so you can be sure you got it right.

Let’s get started!


How much is this hat? What is it made of? Cuánto quiere por el sombrero?  De qué está hecho?
Why so expensive (feminine)? Could you give it to me for 600 pesos? ¿Por qué tan cara? ¿No me la deja en quinientos pesos? 
Could you give me a discount? ¿Podría darme un descuento?
How much is this (masculine)? What is it made of? ¿Cuánto quiere por eso? ¿De qué está hecho?
Good morning. How much for the sweatshirts? Buenos días ¿Cuánto quiere por las sudaderas?
That is expensive. Could you give me a discount? Es muy caro. ¿Podría darme un descuento?

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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