Let’s start by learning the names of some basic souvenirs you will find in your travels around Latin America. 

Repeat the following.

Let’s get started!  


La muñeca. Doll.
El plato. Plate.
La Hamaca. Hammock.
Las Huaraches. Sandals.
Las Aretes. Earrings.
El anillo. Ring.
El collar. Necklace.
El tapiz. Tapestry.
El brazalete. Bracelet.
La máscara. Mask.
La camiseta. T-shirt.
El sombrero. Hat.
Los zapatos. Shoes.
La sudadera. Sweatshirt.
La pintura. Painting.

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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Practice Exercises

Under each photo, write the souvenir, using the correct article/gender.


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