Now let’s learn some items that are found in a department store. There is some overlap in items found in a department store and those we went over in Unit 7, so please feel free to review that episode if you need to brush up on them.

Repeat the following.

Let’s get started!


Una camisa. A shirt.
Una camisa de manga larga. A long-sleeve shirt.
Una camisa de manga corta. A short-sleeve shirt.
Una camisa de vestir. A dress shirt.
Un vestido. A dress.
Una falda. A skirt.
Una blusa. A blouse.
Una corbata. A tie.
Un saco. A sport coat.
Un par de pantalones. A pair of pants.
Un par de zapatos. A pair of shoes.
Un par de calcetines. A pair of socks.
Una par de botas. A pair of boots.

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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Practice Exercises

Match these articles of clothing:

zapato vestido calcetines falda


camiseta camisa de manga large sudadera blusa


corbata corbata botas pijama

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