Let’s put the last two episodes together. Imagine you are in a department store and looking for a specific item. The phrase you would use to say 

I am looking for” is Busco

Then you just have to add the item and color afterward. Note that in Spanish, the color goes after the item, no before, like in English.

Example: Blue – Dress Shirt-> Busco un camisa de vestir azul.

If the color ends in a vowel then you have to keep it in mind, based on the gender of the item you are buying.  If it is a masculine gendered item, then the color should end with an “o”. If the item is feminine, it should end with an “a”.

Example:  Black – Sport Coat-> Busco un saco negro
                   Black – Tie -> Busco una corbata negra

Also remember that if you are looking for items that come in pairs, like a pair of shoes or a pair of socks, that means it is plural. You have to add an “s” to the end of the color at the end if the color ends in a vowel and “es” if it ends in a consonant.

Example:  Red – Pair of Shoes -> Busco un par de zapatos rojos
                   Blue – Pair of pants -> Busco un par de pantalones azules

Now you try a few.

Let’s get started!


Black  – Shirt Busco una camisa negra.
Blue – Sports Jacket Busco un saco azul.
Yellow – Dress Busco un vestido amarillo.
Red – Tie Busco una corbata roja.
Naranja – Pair of Shoes Busco un par de zapatos naranjas.
Verde – Socks Busco un par de calcetines verdes.

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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