Now let’s bring together all you have learned in the last four episodes.

Say the following in Spanish. The first time through we will only say the English version so you have time to say it in Spanish. The second time through we’ll say it in Spanish and English so you can see if you got it right. 

Let’s get started!


I am looking for a red tie for my husband . Busco una corbata roja para mi esposo.
I am looking for a pair of blue shoes for my daughter. Busco un par de zapatos azules para mi hija.
I am looking for a white shirt for my son. Busco una camisa blanca para mi hijo.
I am looking for a green blouse for my wife. Busco una blusa verde para mi esposa.
I am looking for a pair of grey socks for my male friend. Busco un par de calcetines grises para mi amigo.

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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