In addition to asking for a specific item for a specific person, you will also want to ask for specific sizes. Like the rest of the world, in Latin America the item size can be described in two ways.

A general size such as small, medium and large and a specific size like size 6 or size 10.  

If you need to review the Spanish numbers please review them in Unit 1.10.

For the numbers, if you want to add a ½ to the size you use the phrase ”y media”.

Example 7.5 -> siete y medio. 

Repeat the following.

Let’s get started!


Extra Small Extra pequeño.
Small. Pequeño.
Medium. Mediano.
Large. Grande.
Extra large. Extra grande.
Size 6. Talla seis.
Size 34. Talla treinta y cuatro.
Size  5.5. Talla cinco y medio.

We’ll see you in the next episode!

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