/// Free Portuguese Course Online: Portuguese FAST Course - 2

The 18 lessons in this Portuguese FAST course (Volume 2) continues where Volume 1 left off. It introduces more advanced scenerios you may run into when living in a Portuguese speaking country and helps you practice the basic phrases and vocabulary you need to deal with them.

NOTE: To read the file and listen to the videos your computer or device needs to have a PDF reader and be able to view Flash.

Portuguese FAST 2 Audios

  • Lesson 13
  • Lesson 14
  • Lesson 15A
  • Lesson 15B
  • Lesson 16
  • Lesson 17
  • Lesson 18
  • Lesson 19A
  • Lesson 19B
  • Lesson 20
  • Lesson 21
  • Lesson 22
  • Lesson 23
  • Lesson 24
  • Lesson 25
  • Lesson 26
  • Lesson 27
  • Lesson 28
  • Lesson 29
  • Lesson 30
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Portuguese Student Testimonials

  • Short of moving to Brazil this is the best way to learn Portuguese. Take it from somebody who WASTED hundreds of pounds on other programs and sofware.

    Tom W.
  • What sets Live Lingua [Portuguese] apart is their attention to the students, both from the tutors and staff. They make me feel welcome and motivate me to learn.

    Ricky I.
  • ├ôla. I love my [Portuguese] teacher. She is the best teacher I have had on any subject in my life.

    Sara I.
  • Here in Moscow I was not able to find any good Portuguese lessons, but luckily I hear of Live Lingua and was able to find a great one.

    Pietro C.
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