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Why are we so confident that you will like your Portuguese learning experience at Live Lingua Portuguese? This is because we have already worked with hundreds of Portuguese students from around the world. They have had different Portuguese levels and professional backgrounds. And with them we have had hundreds of happy students. Would you like to be one of them? You can try us risk free.

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"[Translated from Spanish] It was great finding a teacher who also spoke Spanish to teach me Portuguese. I am getting a lot of clients in Mexico that are from Brazil and right now I am the only Portuguese speaking agent in my area. It is a great advantage." Ernesto P. - Real Estate Agent
"I have family in Sao Paulo and most of them speak Portuguese and are married to Brazilians. Last time I visited they were all impressed with the improvement in my [Brazilian] Portuguese. Obrigado!" Ryuske L. - POS Manager
"I love my Portuguese tutor with Live Lingua. She is not only a great teacher but is also really fun. Since we are both the same age we have a lot to talk about and can relate while I learn." Emilie B. - Journalist
"I needed to get my Portuguese spoken level up in a short amount of time, and [my Portuguese teacher] was great. I achieved the desired level for the exam. Thank you for all your help." Richard L. - U.S. State Department
"What sets Live Lingua [Portuguese] apart is their attention to the students, both from the tutors and staff. They make me feel welcome and motivate me to learn." Ricky I. - Entrepreneur
"Short of moving to Brazil this is the best way to learn Portuguese. Take it from somebody who WASTED hundreds of pounds on other programs and sofware." Tom W. - Customs Agent
"Here in Moscow I was not able to find any good Portuguese lessons, but luckily I hear of Live Lingua and was able to find a great one." Pietro C. - PhD
"If you are searching the web for great Portuguese tutors, don't go any further. Live Lingua is the place." Irlanda A. - Mother
"?la. I love my [Portuguese] teacher. She is the best teacher I have had on any subject in my life." Sara I. - Student
"Live Lingua is your one stop shop for all you language learning needs!" Robin H. - Teacher
"Live Lingua [Portuguese] is the best!" Ben T. - Student