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Want to learn or improve your Russian?

Live Lingua tutors can help you:

Get to know your Spanish Tutor

Get conversational in Russian faster than with any app

Personalized Spanish learning experience

Help you think in Russian with real language immersion

Individual style and learning program

Save you the time of having to commute to your local classes

A personal guide in your Russian learning journey

As with any journey, having a guide to show you the way can make the difference between finding the right path or getting lost. The path to learn Russian is no different.

At Live Lingua your class coordinators will match you with the perfect teacher - your "language learning guide". You will get the undivided attention of a certified Russian tutor and the same level of interaction you'd have by being in the room with them.

You will learn everything about the language and be able to ask them about their culture. This will bring your Russian lessons to life.

A personal Russian guide in your journey to another culture

"If you have spent hundreds of dollars on language learning software like me, but still could not learn Russian, then Live Lingua is what you have been looking for." Jos R.

"I had learned Russian back in college, more years ago than I would like to remember. Now that I am retired and wanted to keep my mind sharp I decided to take up learning Russian again, the only problem was that there was no real Russian tutor where I lived. Then my friend recommended Live Lingua. I am glad I found it. They allow me to be flexible and my teacher is great." Hector L.

"My Russian Tutor is fantastic, really top notch!" Edward M.

Russian class begins when it suits you.

Fit learning Russian into your busy schedule.

Russian lessons
Get to know your teacher

No generic baseline evaluation. We're interested in finding out what you'd like to learn about, why you want to be able to speak Russian and even what your learning style is.

Personalized learning experience

Once we've connected you with your ideal tutor, you'll get your personalized learning program. See progress after every single lesson, move at a pace you're comfortable with.

Individual style and learning program

Whether you want to be challenged and pushed to progress, or you need patience and understanding, your lessons will always follow your learning style and individual needs.

Fit lessons in to your schedule

Balance your workload with other commitments and learn Russian from your laptop, computer, phone or tablet.

Your journey to comfortably speaking Russian starts in just 4 simple steps

Tell us about yourself

Tell us about yourself

Let us know about your learning style, what your current Russian level is and your goals for learning.

Get expertly matched a tutor

Get expertly matched

Our class coordinator will pair you up with your perfect tutor based on your profile and preferences.

Take a free 30 min trial Russian lessons

Take a free 30 min trial lesson

Get familiar with your tutor and experience what it's like to learn with Live Lingua.

Schedule future Russian lessons

Schedule future lessons

Use your online calendar to pick dates and times that suit you for future Russian lessons.

"Thank you for such a great service. The Live Lingua online Russian school is hands down the best service on the web. " Silby F.

The  Russian immersion experience

Like learning in a Russian-speaking country

Russian lessons

If you don't live in a Russian-speaking country, you probably know how hard it can be to get to the point where you can speak the language naturally. Especially if you're new to it.

Maybe you know Russian vocabulary, and you just can't seem to piece it together without the translator on your phone.

You may even use a book or online digital course to try to learn. You feel great about your Russian, then you go out in the local community, only to realize that that you are unable to speak or understand it in the real world.

Our mission is for you to experience what it's like to immerse yourself in the Russian language. Not only during your lessons, but in your day-to-day. Keeping you engaged and consistently refreshing what you learn, with additional reading resources and audio courses.

Founders - Laura & Ray

Learning a language brings people together

About us

Laura was a certified language teacher from Mexico, and Ray was a volunteer for the Peace Corps from the US.

They co-founded Live Lingua from a first-hand experience of how much language brings people together.

What today is Live Lingua, started as a brick & mortar language school that they started after getting married in 2008. Our students were naturally immersed in the language and culture, every single day. Now, we've redesigned it as a school online, so we're able to bring the language immersion experience to you.

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