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Spanish immersion

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Av. 30 Norte esq. Calle 6 BIS Col. Centro, Solidaridad,
Playa del Carmen , Quintana Roo, Mexico

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$400.00 U.S.

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Phone: +34 91 591 21 23

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Homestay: Yes- We have them
Other: Yes- We have dorms or rentals

Learn Spanish with Academia Columbus and take the opportunity to improve your Spanish skills, get to know new cultures, discover and travel through interesting countries and make new international friends.

Our schools are located in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Mexico. All three destinations enchant their visitors with their typical Latin American charm. The Spanish spoken in each of our course locations is clear and easy to understand, and all schools are centrally and safely situated in residential areas and offer a family atmosphere with high quality instruction in small groups.

A wealth of history and colorful culture full of traditions and customs combined with modernization make our course locations attractive travel destinations. In addition to their cultural diversity, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Mexico are all rich in natural beauty and boast numerous national wildlife parks, tropical rain forests, active volcanoes, beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Also the Mayan ruins and the Galápagos Islands are famous all over the world and will make your stay in Latin America an unforgettable experience!

Get ready for an exciting trip to Latin America and discover La Pura Vida!


1. Intensive Course 20 lessons/week
- The Intensive Course is our standard program of 20 lessons per week of general Spanish. This means you will have 4 hours of class per day from Monday to Friday.

2. Holiday Course 16 lessons/week
- consists of only 16 lessons per week. You will have 4 hours of class per day from Monday to Thursday.

3. Super Intensive Course 25 lessons/week
- You will have 6 hours of class per day, consisting of the 20 lessons intensive course plus 2 lessons of extra focus on conversation, writing and revision of difficulties. In Mexico our Super Intensive Course consists of 25 lessons per week, which means 5 hours per day.

4. Intensive Plus Course (20 in group + 10 individual)
- combined course of the 20 lessons intensive general Spanish in mini groups plus 10 individual classes in the afternoon to address personal interests or difficulties in the language.

5. Intensive Plus Course (20 in group + 5 individual)
- 20 lessons general intensive Spanish plus 5 individual lessons per week (1 per day) and 25 lessons super intensive Spanish plus 5 individual lessons

6.Professional Spanish (Business, Medicine, Tourism, Law, Literature, Culture and Civilization, etc.)
- available as one-to-one training only and prepare students for the special requirements of professional life. Field-specific vocabulary, precise formulation and fluency in speech are the main goals of these courses. This special course provides an ideal learning environment that is tailored to each student's specific needs. Students are encouraged to fine-tune the content of the course with their teachers so that it fully meets their needs.

7. Individual courses
A. (1:1) Intensive Course 20 lessons/week B. Individual (1:1) Super Intensive Course 25 lessons/week
-In our individual classes, the content of the course as well as the tempo is personalized according to the student's needs and wishes. Therefore students are afforded the maximum amount of flexibility and individual support.

9. DELE Preparation
- Duration of 6 weeks, this will consist of 20 lessons per week general Intensive Spanish plus 10 lessons to prepare you specifically for the DELE exam of the level of your choice. We prepare for Diploma A1, A2, B1 and B2. If you do not meet the required entry level, you can of course enroll in our general Intensive or Super Intensive course for a longer period of time to get to the level you need to be able to prepare yourself for the exam.

Activities & Excursions

As an important part of our philosophy ´Living and Learning Spanish´ we offer an extensive social and cultural program in all our schools, which helps you to learn more about the culture and country where you are studying. It is also a good opportunity to get to know your fellow students better and make new friends. Besides the fact that our activity program will provide you with an excellent insight into the diversity of Latin American culture, it will also allow you to contextualize what you learned in the classroom.

Our activities take place at least three times a week. The following are some of the activities that we offer on a regular basis.

1. City Tour
On your first day of school, you can participate in our city tour to start exploring the area where you are studying. We will show our new students all the important things that you need to know for your daily life: how to withdraw money, how to get around by public transport, how to shop affordably, where to find Internet cafés, and much more. After this introduction, you will feel at home in no time!

2. Dancing Lessons
Discover Latin American rhythms like Salsa and Merengue with a dance instructor. Feel the energy and shake your hips!

3. Cooking Lessons
Have you ever tried "Ceviche" or "Guacamole"? You will prepare and enjoy the local culinary specialties together with your teachers and other students.

4. Lectures
During our lectures and discussions on historical, cultural and current topics of Latin America you will learn more about your destination and its history and culture.

5. Drama Class
Act in a drama on stage with teachers and students. This helps you to develop your Spanish skills and acting talents by performing scenes from famous plays such as Romeo and Juliet or Don Quijote.

6. Fiesta
Enjoy our traditional Latin American fiestas with local foods, drinks and dances together with our teachers, students and friends!

7. Movie Night
Like going to the movies? Come with us and enjoy a movie in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles in a movie theatre around town or in our own movie room.

8. Excursions
In addition to our cultural program, all our schools offer the possibility to participate in exciting excursions to interesting destinations. Most excursions take place on weekends and can be booked directly at school on a pay-as-you-go basis.

1. Host Families
- Host family stays provide an excellent opportunity to experience the culture of the country and its way of life. You will speak Spanish with your family, eat the local food and see how they live in the respective country. Friendships, which often develop, can last well beyond the duration of the stay.

Our carefully selected host families have been welcoming students from all over the world for many years. You will receive a warm welcome, and have the perfect opportunity to use and improve your Spanish skills on a daily basis.

Families provide breakfast, half board or full board depending on what suits you best. You will be given bedding, but must bring your own towels. All our host families live close to school, on average 10-15 minutes walking. Some live a bit further away, but we guarantee a maximum of 30 minutes walking distance from the school. If you are coming with a friend or partner, you are welcome to stay together in the same host family. Should you have any dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, allergies, etc.), please state those on your enrollment form, so that the family can prepare for your needs as best as possible. Host families are also happy to provide laundry service upon request. Families can wash and dry your clothes for no additional cost once per week in Costa Rica in Ecuador. In Mexico there are many launderettes where you can have your laundry done for a small additional charge.

2. Shared Apartments
- Many students live in our spacious, comfortably furnished shared apartments near the school. Each one has two or more bedrooms, a living room with TV and an adjacent kitchen, and one or more bathrooms. The kitchen is fully equipped. They are cleaned and the bedding is changed once per week, but we kindly ask that you bring your own towels. Wireless internet access is available free of charge.

All apartments are within walking distance (about 15 minutes, guaranteeing a maximum of 30 minutes walking distance) of the school. You can choose to book a single room or a double room. Even if you are traveling alone, you can book a double room. In this case you would be sharing a room with another student from the language school (same sex, different nationality according to availability). This is a great way to get to know your fellow students from all over the world.

3. Studio Apartments
- In Playa del Carmen, Mexico, we offer an additional type of accommodation. Our Studio Apartments are located in a 4 star hotel on only 5 minutes walking from the school and the beach. For students who are looking for more comfort, this is the perfect choice. Enjoy the combination of Caribbean flair with a family atmosphere. The hotel has a restaurant, room service, fitness center and a large terrace. In total there are 60 comfortable studios and the patio with arches and pool will remind you of colonial times. You can choose from single or double room accommodation. All studios are equipped with private bathroom, a kitchenette, safe, cable TV, telephone and air-conditioning and there is Wi-Fi available in the hotel free of charge.

1. Ideal Education Group (IEG)

2. Association of Language Travel Organizations (ALTO)

3. Bildungsurlaub

4. Star Award Spanish Language School 2009

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