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English immersion

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2970 Broadway, 504 Lewisohn Hall
New York , New York, USA

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$850.00 U.S.

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Phone: +1 212-932-7651

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Homestay: No- not offered
Other: Yes- we have dorms or rentals

The American Language Program (ALP), founded in 1911, is one of the oldest programs in English as a second language in the United States.

Its mission is to offer high-quality academic language courses and other academic support for full-time language students and international students in degree programs at Columbia University.

The ALP fosters the internationalization of Columbia by offering a carefully integrated sequence of courses to those who wish to improve their command of English, including students and business and professional people.

Teaching and Learning Methods:

In our program, you will experience a variety of teaching styles and methods. In the Intensive English Program, you will have two or three teachers who work closely together to create a varied and integrated curriculum. While some textbooks are assigned, you will often find yourself using web-based as well as teacher-made materials. These materials will represent a variety of genres and media: news reports and commentaries, academic readings and lectures, personal essays, plays and other literature, visual data, films and photos, songs, advertisements in all media, and so on.

In any given class, you will be an active participant in several activities connected by a theme. You will work with language in contexts that, depending on your level, may simulate daily-life situations, focus on American society and customs, or explore issues of worldwide concern. Coursework at all levels gets you to practice grammatical accuracy, fluency and pronunciation, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehensions, and writing. Some assignments require you to gather data outside of class, either through interviews, site visits, or the internet; others call for teamwork and cooperative learning. When you say something, the teacher is there to help you say it better—with more appropriate vocabulary, clearer pronunciation, and more precise meaning.

A series of intensive English courses that are offered year-round. These courses help students develop grammatical accuracy, pronunciation, fluency, listening and reading comprehension, and writing ability.

The ALP has English classes from elementary to very high advanced levels.

Note: The ALP does not teach total beginners. If you speak no English, the ALP is not the right program for you. Level 1 (Elementary) students must be able to speak, understand, write, and read simple English sentences before coming to the ALP. All students are re-tested when they arrive. If a student is too low for our program, we will give a 100% tuition refund and approve a transfer to another school.

Beginning classes are usually limited to 14 students. Intermediate and advanced classes are usually limited to 18 students.

American Language Program (ALP) students may choose from a number of housing options depending on the time of year. Students must be enrolled in full-time ALP classes during every session for which you apply for ALP housing. Although students must be at least 17 years or older to study at the ALP, students must be at least 18 years or older to live in campus residences.

Columbia University campus housing is limited and students are encouraged to apply at least two months in advance. Rooms are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Confirmations will be sent when an application is processed. Exact room assignments will be available at check-in.

Part of Columbia University and accredited by CEA (the Commission on English Language Accreditation)

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