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Spanish immersion

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1 calle poniente # 10,
Antigua , Guatemala, Guatemala

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$180.00 U.S.

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Phone: +502 7832 7241
Skype: spanishacademyantiguena

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Homestay: Yes- We have them
Other: Yes- We have dorms or rentals

    Antiguena Spanish Academy founded in 1985, offers a superior Spanish program with its enhanced teaching techniques and extracurricular programs to provide you with a thorough and personal learning experience. The Antigüeña Spanish Academy is compromised with quality, certified instructors who value the relationship between student and teacher. The program is focused on the individual needs of each student with particular attention to mutual respect and honesty, grammar, conversation and reading. Each program is designed specifically for the needs of each student.

    All our teachers have university degrees specialized in teaching the Spanish language, they are native speakers and have 8 to 33 years of teaching experience. Each course is customized for you depending of the amount of time you have for to study, your existing level of experience, your profession and your reasons for studying Spanish.

    One-on-one Spanish Learning System - All instructions are on one-on-one basis. Classes begin with an exploration to determine the level or knowledge of the language, focusing on the need and type of Spanish required. All levels have one-on-one Grammatical instruction.

    Different Levels
    1. Beginner
    2. Intermediate
    3. Advanced Courses
    - Standard
    - Intensive

    Specialized Courses
    1. Medical
    2. Lawyers
    3. Economic
    4. Business
    5. Voluntary job
    6. Spanish for travel

    1. Basketball
    We visited a field around the Antigua city, to play basketball outdoor with a beautiful view of the volcanoes and ruins Candelaria.

    2. Bike Tour
    Antigüeña Academy provides bicycles to visit different villages around Antigua Guatemala as: Ciudad Vieja, San Pedro Las Huertas, El Calvario, San Francisco, San Juan El Obispo. You can have an unforgettable experience around Antigua Guatemala.

    3. City Tour
    We visited various churches and historical monuments in Antigua Guatemala as the Church of La Merced, El Arco de Santa Catarina, Central Park, Palace of the Captains General, Palace Hall, the Cathedral, Union Tank, Church and ruins of San Francisco, Municipal Market and more.

    4. Club of Conversation
    Consist to meeting of several students at a similar level of Spanish, to discuss and analyze different topics of conversation: Life in Guatemala, international economy, political, national and international issues, culture, history and traditions.

    5. Coffee and Culture Museum Tours
    A dip into the past and present of one of the most important industries of Guatemala and the best product in the world, coffee. The experience begins with an explanation in Spanish of coffee origin, the production and process thereof, after is presented a documentary that contains music and traditional dances from the Mayan culture with pre-Hispanic instruments, so the student is traveling in the living history of the past traditions and ancestral customs. Finally we visited a museum with major regional costumes of Guatemala
    6. Exercise with Spanish Songs
    This activity consists of listening songs in Spanish to develop the sense of hearing, the second step is to organize the lyrics of the song simultaneously listening to it.

    7. Soccer / Foot ball
    We visited a field near the city of Antigua Guatemala, for to play foot ball outdoors with a beautiful view of the volcanoes, Candelaria ruins or the Colony of Manchén.

    8. Guatemala Cooking Classes
    We prepare traditional Antiguan meals and desserts. The activity starts from preparation to taste the same. All materials for the preparation of food are provided by the Academy, we prepare: Pepian, Chuchitos, Buñuelos, Chiles Rellenos, Hilachas.

    9. Jade Factory Tours
    This activity is to visit the Jade factory in the city of Antigua Guatemala. It begins with the history of jade, stone extraction, and process it. Finally the presentation of different products mounted in gold and silver.

    10. Tour to Mayan Towns
    If you want to have contact with a controversy deity ethnic located 10 kilometers from Antigua. You see different pagan rites and ceremonies of the Mayan culture.

    11. Merengue and Salsa Dancing
    Activity programmed on Monday and Tuesday, for to learn the rhythms of Latin dance. The instructors belong to a recognized institution of salsa and merengue in Antigua Guatemala, led by sub national champions.

    12. Movies in Spanish about Guatemala
    The Academy presents films and documentaries about the armed conflicts in Central America, economic problems of the Guatemalan families, landfill, Holy week in Antigua Guatemala and more.

    13. Scrabble in Spanish
    Activity carried out in order to practice the vocabulary learned in Spanish lessons, interact with other students in Spanish, socialize and have fun while you learn Spanish.

    14. Swimming in Natural Hot Water
    A project located eight kilometers from Antigua Guatemala. It has direct contact with the nature and you can enjoy the thermal waters of the region.

    15. Tour in Antigua Exotic
    Three kilometers from the Antigüeña Academy is located a refuge of rescued animals from predation, illegal hunting and of which many are endangered. If you want you can have direct contact with some harmless species. Under the supervision of experts and instructors.

    16. Tour in Antigua Museums
    Antigua Guatemala is rich in culture, art and history, that is why our tour includes: museum of textiles, Saint Hermano Pedro, Santo Domingo, Hill Santo-Domingo, art museum, museum of rare books, museum of paint a pictures, museum of weapons.

    17. Tour in Churches and Ruins
    The city of Antigua Guatemala has the largest number of churches, convents, monasteries and ruins throughout Guatemala. We visit: Church of the "Merced" and its convent, St. Joseph's Church Cathedral, Church and ruins of San Francisco, Church of El Calvario, church and convent of San Juan el Obispo and Church and Park from Ciudad Vieja.

    18. Walking Tour Cross Hill
    The hill of the cross with over 250 stands, direct contact with the local flora, we arrive at one of the four cardinal points of Valley Panchoy where we can enjoy the beautiful colonial line of La Antigua Guatemala as well as the most beautiful view of the city.

    19. Guetemalan Festivals
    "Day of the Dead," also known as "All Saints Day", dedicated to honor, remember and live with the deceased is a colorful and joyful festival.

    1. Home Stay
    The offer of accommodation with an Antiguan families gives you a further insight into the culture and home life of Latin America, and the opportunity to practice your Spanish. Since emphasis is placed upon complete immersion in the language, it is recommended you live with a middle-class Guatemalan family in Antigua. You will family in Antigua. You will receive your own private room, hot bathing water, purified drinking water, and three meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner for 6 days of the week*, and a marvelous chance to practices Spanish and build friendships with native antigüeños . Also if you are vegetarian do not worry because we adapt to you.. The families are situated in safe area near by Central Park of Antigua and close to the school. * On Sunday you are responsible for your meals, but this gives you a chance to try some of the many other types of food available from a multitude of restaurants and cafes.

    2. Apartments

    Apartment A.
    Location: Next to the school.
    Description: Semi Colonial Building, with internet, hot water shower, Bedroom for one or two persons, private bathroom, living room with T.V Cable, Kitchen and small patio with pila. With an extraordinary location.

    Apartment B.
    Location: 5 ½ Blocks from the school.
    Description: Bedroom for one or two persons, living room with T.V Cable, Small kitchen, private bathroom with hot water shower, and small roof with nice view.

    Apartment C.
    Location: 2 Blocks away from the school.
    Description: Deluxe colonial building, roof with Jacuzzi, private bathroom with hot water, two patios, Bedroom for two or three persons, living room, T.V cable, wi-fi, a relaxing part of Antigua, of two blocks from the central park.

    Apartment D.
    Location: 2 Blocks away from school.
    Description: A colonial house, hot water shower, private bathroom bedroom for one or two persons, big living room, kitchen, a beautiful garden, roof with relaxing view to the tree volcanoes.

    3. Hotel
    To be arranged, no specific recommendation.

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