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Arabic immersion

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543 The Saudi Egyptian Housing Project,
El Sawah Square , Cairo, Egypt

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$925.00 U.S.

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Homestay: No- Not offered
Other: Yes- We have dorms or rentals

A universal revolution of communication has taken place between the North and the South based on technological progress, economic co-operation and tourism. There is a renewed call to learn Arabic given its increased importance in the social and professional spheres. This has not existed at any other time. Arabic is now one of the six international languages, a knowledge of which is very useful. The ALC known for its effective and efficient teaching policy has had ten years experience in both Egypt and Germany. The Center fully utilizes all methodological and technical means available. Our Center in Cairo is considered one of the most ambitious and industrious language centers in the Arabic field.

1. Media Arabic course
The course consists of three stages MAP1, MAP2 and MAP3, every stage is divided into four levels. The course is available for private lessons and university closed groups. Text books enable students to communicate with Arab media and understand newspaper language easily. This language is different from both colloquial and standard Arabic. They help students fulfill their targets of learning the most widely used vocabulary by supplying them with lists of common words which are daily used by all means of mass-media. They also make students build up their own essays and be aware of targeting the meaning accurately. They also give students the ability of writing their own opinions as easy as native speakers do. Books and newspapers supply students with variety of news about current events and old ones which enable them to analyze Arabic texts easily. Adding the study of connectors to the course makes students review some grammar lessons which are very important for writing essays and expressing ideas clearly. Students watch daily news which makes students talk about current events and make their own comments by paraphrasing it. Combining books and other material makes the course vital and interesting. The course is very advanced but, candidates should have an admission test to determine their levels beforehand.

2. Intensive small Group Courses
- 48 units of Arabic lessons (1 unit = 45 minutes).
- Help and care from our teachers in Cairo.
- ALC Certificate, acknowledged by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

3. Intensive MSA courses
Single crash courses
From level 1 up to level 5
Private lessons in Arabic designed to meet the specific needs of the student (tailor made, one-to-one).

1. Islamic Holidays
Most Islamic holidays and festivals follow the Islamic calendar. This is lunar-based, so dates vary each year in relation to the Western calendar. You may find it useful to get hold of an annual prayer calendar from a local Islamic cultural centre in your own country.

2. Coptic festivals
The dates of Christmas (January 6/7), Epiphany (January 19) and the Annunciation (March 21) are specified in the Julian calendar used by The Orthodox Church, but Easter and its related feast days are viewed according to the solar Coptic calendar, and therefore differ from both the Orthodox and Western dates by up to one month. A Coptic festival (of Pharaonic Origin) celebrated by all Egyptians is the Sham el-Nessim, a coming-of-spring festival which provides the excuse for mass picnics. Its name literally means "Sniffing the Breeze".

1. Double rooms

2. Single rooms

3. Pension Roma

4. DAHAB Hostel

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