Fast Forward Language Institute- Portuguese language immersion program

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Portuguese immersion

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Dep. José Lages, 507 Ponta Verde,
Maceió , Alagoas, Brazil

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$630.00 U.S.

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Phone: + 55 82 3327 5213

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Homestay: Yes- We have them
Other: Yes- We have dorms or rentals

Since 1991, Fast Forward Language Institute has been devoted to providing high quality and personalized instruction in Portuguese for foreigners.

All of our teachers are native speakers, university graduates and trained in Fast Forward’s direct approach to language teaching. We work with our own teaching methods, aimed at students’ total cultural immersion.

In Brazil, Fast Forward currently has locations in São Paulo and Maceió, each offering a unique and captivating experience in the cultural reality of the Portuguese language today.

Language lessons at Fast Forward focus on communication; beyond grammar books and written exercises, our professors include a variety of oral and listening elements with up-to-date technology to stimulate a comprehensive understanding of the Portuguese language.

1. General Courses

- Group Instruction:
Maximum of 6 students per class. Classes begin on any Monday for intermediate students (once a month for beginners), and are held Monday through Friday.

- Intensive:
4 classes of 50 minutes every morning.

- Super-Intensive:
6 classes of 50 minutes every morning and afternoon.

- Private Instruction: Offered for beginners, advanced, and professionals with specific needs.

2. General Courses with Cultural Activities
By complementing your language studies with cultural activities, you effectively integrate your class time education with the daily reality of Brazilian life. Here are some of the programs offered by Fast Forward Language Institute:

- Rhythms and Dances
Experience the variety of cultural heritage in Brazil through dance classes of samba, forró, rítmos variados, and many more. Afternoon and evening classes, in groups or individually.

- Capoeira
Classes in the Brazilian martial art/dance considered to be an essential part of cultural heritage. Local groups lead you to both playful and serious interactions with this beautiful tradition.

3. Language Proficiency Test Preparation
This exam measures test-takers' level of proficiency in Portuguese. CELPE BRAS is the official exam developed and given by the Brazilian government, and is required for those who wish to live and work in Brazil.

1. Marechal Deodoro
Founded in 1522, Marechal has the largest collection of sacred and religious art in the state. The city is famous for its baroque-style colonial homes from the 16th Century and for its strong musical tradition.

2. Praia do Gunga
On the way, we visit a look-out point with an impressive view of the coastline, sugarcane fields, palm tree plantations and the point where Roteiro Lake meets the ocean. After this stop, we arrive at Gunga Beach, chosen by tourism magazines as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

3. Massagueira
One of the main gastronomic centers of the Northeast, Massagueira has the largest quantity and diversity of restaurants in the state. After the beach we go to this little town to experience their delicious cuisine, situated in a beautiful setting at the edge of a lake.

4. Futebol (I) (soccer)
The Rei Pelé stadium is the largest in the state, with a capacity of 27,000. Every year, the stadium holds several major soccer events, such as the Champions’ Cup (Copa dos Campeões) and the Brazilian Championship (Campeonato Brasileiro).

5. Futebol (II)
A friendly game of soccer in the evening, with students playing against staff. This recreational activity almost takes on the intensity of the World Cup finals. After the match, we normally go to a bar to chat, drink some beers and most importantly relax and have a few laughs.

6. Museu Théo Brandão (Théo Brandão Museum)
Constructed during the first decades of the 19th century, the building now operating as the Théo Brandão Museum is one of the most fascinating in Maceió. Almost destroyed by the effects of time, the building was renovated and today holds a large collection of objects representing the culture and folklore of the Northeast, primarily Alagoas.

7. Passeio pela lagoa de Mundaú (Lagoon Tour)
The name Alagoas is due in large part to the lagoons found in the area. Once a month we make a trip to Mundaú Lagoon, the largest of the state. During this tour, the students learn about the flora and fauna from specialized local instructors.

8. Gastronomia (Gastronomy)
Brazilian cooking is a multiracial fusion of tastes. Because of its tropical character, large amounts of sun and good soil, Brazil has a phenomenal variety of fruits and vegetables. Each student will become familiar with several types of Brazilian cooking as we go each week to typical restaurants from the different regions of the country.

9. Passeio de Trem (Train Ride/Tour)
Once a month, we spend the afternoon on the train. Leaving from the central station, we pass by 9 districts and 3 towns outside of Maceió before arriving at the final stop.

10. Brazilian Rhythms and Dances
The variety in Brazilian dance culture shows the large cultural diversity inherent in this country. In Maceió you will find classes, dance bars and clubs with everything from samba to forró to classical ballet.

1. Host families are the most frequently chosen housing option. Fast Forward Language Institute ensures that each family offers a quality living situation and respects each student’s wishes as much as possible in the family selection.

The host families themselves are experienced and enthusiastic participants in the student’s life. When it comes to immersion into life, language, etc., living with a host family is by far the most intense. It truly is an experience not to be passed up.
Breakfast or half board is included.
You are issued your own front door key.
There is weekly cleaning of your room; bed linen is changed every 2 weeks; bed linen is provided, please bring your own towels.

2. Pousadas – These are lower cost hotels. They are fully furnished, and almost like apartments.

3. Apartment – This is a more costly option, yet also offers a bit more luxury.

4. Hotels – Each city offers a wide array of hotels in terms of price, location and style.







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