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Spanish immersion

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9a Calle Oriente #5,
Antigua , Guatemala, Guatemala

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$275.00 U.S.

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Phone: (+502) 7832-3440
Skype: customerserviceixchel

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Homestay: Yes- We have them
Other: Yes- We have dorms or rentals

    Founded in 1999, not just another Spanish school, We made it our goal to work only with the best Spanish teachers, select our host families and other service providers very carefully, and offer a full range of additional services to make our students' stay in Antigua Guatemala as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

    We have developed and perfected our own class materials based on a wide range of textbooks and our teachers receive continuous training, allowing them to further improve their knowledge of the Spanish language and use the latest teaching techniques.

    Ixchel Spanish School was also the pioneer in developing career-specific courses for professionals, which allow you to study exactly the kind of Spanish you need.

    1. One-on-one lessons are the fastest and most efficient way to learn Spanish. Your teacher is there only for you and can adapt the lessons to your needs, interests and learning style.

    2. Immersion Spanish courses - Home stay with a local family, extracurricular activities and weekend tours are great ways to learn outside of the classroom. Being immersed in a Spanish-speaking environment round the clock, you will interact with many native Spanish speakers and practice what you have learned in class in real-life situations.

    3. D.E.L.E. exams - available on six levels, from beginner to superior:

    - Level A1: You demonstrate sufficient knowledge to understand and use common words and expressions, like asking and giving personal information and talking about daily life. You can communicate with native Spanish speakers on a basic level if they speak slowly and clearly and are willing to cooperate.
    - Level A2: You demonstrate the ability to understand and use common words and expressions related to areas that are particularly relevant to you, like information about yourself and your family, shopping, places of interest or occupations.
    - Level B1: You demonstrate the ability to understand written and spoken Spanish and are able to have structured conversations on an elementary level.
    - Level B2: You demonstrate a solid knowledge of the Spanish language that allows you to communicate in everyday situations that do not require specialized terms.
    - Level C1: You demonstrate the ability to communicate fluently and spontaneously in everyday situations that require a specialized use of the language and can handle a wide variety of topics.
    - Level C2: You demonstrate superior knowledge of the Spanish language that allows you to communicate in any situation.

    4. Spanish for Spanish Teachers - Course Content
    History of Spanish and formal aspects of the language
    Advanced aspects of the Spanish grammar and word usage
    Written expression in formal and informal documents
    Oral expression in conversation, discussion, debate and presentation
    Reading comprehension and analysis of non-literary texts
    Listening comprehension in different contexts
    Latin American culture
    Latin American literature

    5. Business Spanish - Course Content
    Company organization and management
    Human resources
    Marketing and advertising
    Buying and selling
    Import and Export
    Chamber of commerce, banks and stock exchange
    Accounting and taxes
    Business correspondence and negotiations

    6. Spanish for Medical and Healthcare Professionals - Course Content
    anatomy, diseases and symptoms
    medical equipment, exams and diagnostics
    admission, medical history, documentation and checkout
    post-release instructions and recommendations
    birth control and pregnancy
    pediatric and geriatric care
    emergency situations

    7. Spanish for Flight Attendants - Course Content
    reservations and booking
    check-in and boarding
    in-flight announcements, safety, take-off and landing instructions
    passenger service and inquiries during the flight
    emergency situations

    8. Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel - Course Content
    Traffic accidents and routine traffice stops
    DUI and felony traffic stops
    Interviews and arrest commands
    Domestic disturbance and protective orders
    Noise complaints

    Spanish for Travelers specifically for travelers who speak no or very little Spanish yet and want to learn enough Spanish to get by in Guatemala or other Latin American countries.

    9. Spanish for Travelers - Course Content
    airports and bus terminals
    hotels and restaurants
    travel agencies and tourist information
    markets and stores
    post office, telephone and Internet cafes
    doctors, dentists and hospitals

    10. Study and Travel program
    learn Spanish and practice in everyday situations outside of the classroom
    visit the most fascinating places in Guatemala and learn about their history and cultural significance
    make the most of your valuable vacation time and have an unforgettable experience

    11. Study & Volunteer program
    Practice your Spanish outside of the classroom
    Gain valuable work experience and add new skills to your resume
    Learn about the economic, political and social situation in Guatemala
    Help people in need and put a smile on their faces

    12. Spanish & Dance consists of 20 or 25 hours of one-on-one Spanish lessons plus 5 hours of private salsa lessons with a professional teacher. You'll have Spanish lessons in the morning and salsa lessons in the afternoon.

    Extracurricular Activities

    We organize extracurricular activities every day Monday to Friday (except on national holidays).

    Salsa Lessons

    Tour to the Pacaya Volcano

    Classes on the Beach in Monterrico

    Bike and Motorbike Tours

    Breakfast or Lunch in the School

    Mayan Ceremonies

    Walking Tour to Cerro de la Cruz

    Learn How to Make Tortillas

    Holiday, Welcome & Farewell Parties

    Tour to the Gallo Brewery

    Tour to Chichicastenango

    Cooking Typical Guatemalan Meals

    Tour to the Mayan Ruins of Iximche

    Tour of a Coffee Farm

    Watching Spanish movies

    Tour of the historic center of Guatemala City

    Soccer games students vs teachers

    Running tour of Antigua

    Visiting museums in Antigua

    Scrabble tournaments

    Round-table discussions

    Talks about Guatemalan culture, history or current events

    1. Family Home Stay
    Has several advantages that make it the most popular accommodation option among our students:
    You will have plenty of opportunity to practice your Spanish with native speakers in realistic everyday situations. You will learn about and experience first hand the customs and culture of Latin America. The interaction with your host family will give you valuable insights into the daily life of average Guatemalans. Having your meals with the host family saves you the hassle of eating in restaurants all the time or cooking yourself.

    2. Guest House
    Rooms are quite similar to the ones our host families provide, but they come without meals. However, there are optional meal plans available for purchase. All rooms in the school have private bathroom and cable TV, and there is wifi throughout the building.

    While staying in the school will give you more privacy and make you independent of the host families' meal times, you will also have less opportunity to practice your Spanish with native speakers. In our experience, most students in a guest house speak English or their native language when they chat with each other, not Spanish.

    In case all rooms in the school are booked out, we can arrange a room at a nearby guest house for you. The guest houses we work with are located in nice and safe residential areas within a few city blocks from the school, about five to ten minutes on foot.

    3. Hotels
    Porta Hotel Antigua is one of the finest hotels in Antigua. It occupies an entire city block and features beautiful gardens, two solar-heated swimming pools, a restaurant, a bar, concierge service and a playground for children.

    Porta Hotel Antigua has 100 fully equipped rooms and suites. Standard rooms have a king-size bed, wooden floors, fireplace, cable TV, phone and alarm clock. The bathrooms have a tub and a shower and are decorated with beautiful handmade tiles.
    Price per night: US$107.00 plus taxes

    4. Apartments
    More privacy than home stay and independent of the host family's meal times. Renting an apartment also gives you the opportunity to have more upscale accommodations than what host families typically provide. On the other hand, you also have less opportunity to meet and interact with the local population and fellow travelers.

    As one of Guatemala's most popular tourist destinations, Antigua Guatemala is well prepared for international travelers and there are apartments for all tastes and budgets – from basic studio apartments to luxurious apartments in gated communities.

    Compared with other parts of Guatemala, apartments in Antigua are quite expensive. Space is at a premium in and around the historic center, which has driven up the cost of real estate as well as the rent for apartments.

    We'll be happy to help you find an apartment that suits your needs and make a reservation on your behalf. Normally a deposit or advance payment is required to secure your reservation.

    Ixchel Spanish School is registered with the Guatemalan Ministry of Education (registration number 125-2002) and with INGUAT, the Guatemalan Tourism Institute (registration number 640-2002-D).

    Additionally, Ixchel is accredited by Universidad Rural de Guatemala, a private university in Guatemala City. Our cooperation with Universidad Rural allows us to offer Spanish courses with college/university credits.

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