Saifi Institute for Arabic Language- Arabic language immersion program

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Arabic immersion

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Saifi Urban Gardens Building 1, 1st floor,
Gemayze , Beyrouth, Lebanon

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$900.00 U.S.

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Phone: +961 (0)1 560738

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Homestay: No- Not offered
Other: Yes- We have dorms or rentals

Saifi Institute was founded in 2008 in Beirut as a place to teach the Arabic of everyday life. It began in one room with one teacher, and to this day maintains the student centered focus of a teacher run Institute.

Our goal is to enable on the student to communicate with Arabs with the flexibility, precision and comfort that Arabs communicate amongst themselves. The Urban Arabic curriculum is at the heart of this effort. Developed by Rana Dirani, the founder of Saifi Institute, Nada Dirani, her sister and partner in the Institute, and Mac McClenahan, her husband and partner in life, the curriculum is based on years of trial with thousands of students and embodies the experiences of Saifi teachers’ dedication to the success of their students. This is our best effort to create a guide to a language and a culture so rich and diverse that it can seem imposible to grasp; we hope you find it accessable and welcoming, and we wish you success!

Saifi Institute is located within the Saifi Urban Gardens campus, which hosts weekly cultural events and is a great meeting place for foreigners and locals alike. The campus features a small hotel, café, event spaces and outdoor gardens all of which are available for students.

practical linguistic system and curriculum for Levantine Arabic, which is the mother tongue spoken in the cities of Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. Urban Arabic enables learners to communicate in both writing and speaking in the language of Levantine Arabs.

Formal Arabic is not the mother tounge of Arabic - it is learned in school, and is significantly different from the vernacular Arabic learned as children and used in everyday life. In fact the gap between vernacular and formal Arabic is so large that they cannot be learned using the same curriculum.

Formal Arabic is used for most written communication, and in formal speaking such as religious sermons, TV news broadcasts, and (some) political speeches.

Saifi offers completely customizable private classes to fit your needs and schedule. If you are only in Beirut for a short time or need to catch up for a class Private classes are for you.

1. Home Stay
We are often asked to arrange a host family for students. Even though Lebanese culture is very welcoming and hospitable, people will offer you coffee and ask you to join them for meals, Lebanese are not comfortable inviting strangers to stay in their homes. The reason for this is a relic of the civil war and sectarian politics in the country.

2. Hostels
Saifi is located right next to Beirut's only hostels "Saifi Urban Gardens" (on campus housing), "New Talal Hotel" and "Pension Nazih". These range from $12-$38 per night for more than 7 day stays.

3. Private Hotel
"Port View" are standard hotels and more expensive; about a 10 min walk away. Nightly rates range from $50-$90 for for than 7 day stays.

4. Apartment
If you want to find an apartment or roomates and you are overseas it is very hard to do - even here in Beirut it can take some time. So plan on a place to stay for a few weeks until you find an apartment .

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