Verbum School of Spanish- Spanish language immersion program

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Spanish immersion

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Verbum School of Spanish,
Jerónimo Salguero 553 , Buenos Aires, Argentina

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$390.00 U.S.

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Phone: +54 11 4861-7571

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Homestay: Yes- We have them
Other: Yes- We have dorms or rentals

A people - oriented school specializing in Spanish for foreigners located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the intimate atmosphere and focus to fulfill our student's needs. We motivate our students to learn in a pleasant way, be seen and appreciated and we are pledge to meet your needs for an optimal learning experience.

Our teachers have University degrees and post graduate studies in Spanish as a foreign language and a wide range of experience in teaching Spanish to students, tourists, executives, and embassy officials. All of our teachers are hand-picked in terms of enthusiasm, commitment, experience and knowledge so you as a student will receive a maximum learning experience and value for your time.

Different Levels on Courses
- Intensive courses: 20 hours a week
- Super intensive courses: 30 hours a week
- Private classes
- Semi private classes for couples or tow friends who want to take private classes together

Spanish Courses
1. Spanish for Business
2. Medical Spanish
3. Spanish for Lawyers
4. Conversation
5. Thematic Workshop
6. Spanish for Exchanges and Study-abroad Students
7. Spanish for Travelers
8. Experience Spanish (for travelers)
9. Spanish for Tourism Professionals
10. Spanish in the Field
11. Philosophy in Spanish

Course Details:

Special Spanish courses directed to professionals.
- specialized vocabulary
- communication in the professional or academic environment
- understanding specialized texts

Starter courses for travelers in Argentina who need to learn some basic communication skills quickly. This course includes subjects such as -
- Asking for directions
- Making travel plans
- Exchanging currency, etc.
- Students also learn about the city of Buenos Aires and different places of Argentina.

Cultural and Leisure Programs

Directly experiencing another culture and its people are essential for a true understanding of the language. Consequently, our cultural and leisure programs are an important part of our course program, complementing classroom activities with a personal experience of life in a Spanish-speaking environment.

To this end, we provide tours of some of the famous and affluent neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, such as: Puerto Madero and Recoleta, tours of the area around Plaza San Martin, and tours of La Boca and San Telmo (birthplace of the Tango) and other popular cultural areas. All these visits are made in groups guided by one of our teachers and are very helpful in practicing Spanish.

Some of these activities are free. They are included in the price of the courses. For others, the student may have to pay a small ticket or admission charge. Extra costs are noted where required.

1. Learn to dance the Tango. Tango Program:
- 2 group classes (2 hours each class, for a total of 4 hours per week).
- 2 one-on-one classes (one hour each class, for a total of 2 one-on-one classes a week).

2. Salsa Dancing Classes
- One-on-one classes.

3. Visit to an estancia (cattle ranch)
- A day trip to an Argentine estancia. This trip includes transfer, breakfast, lunch, and a
Folklore show, highlighting the customs and practices of the Gauchos.

In addition, students at Verbum can receive a 10% discount on tango shows at Complejo Tango.

Buenos Aires, Argentina (La Boca)
Bruce (United States), Eric (Germany), Marina (a teacher, Argentina) , Viviana (tourist guide, Argentina), Darcy (United States), Jennifer (United States) and Jenny (United Kingdom) in La Boca

Buenos Aires Argentina
Viviana (our tourist guide) with a group of students at Benito Quinquela Martín museum
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jennifer and Viviana in handcraft shops on the street
Buenos Aires, Argentina, tango show
Dancing tango in a tango show

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Students and teachers celebrating Spring day in Buenos Aires (September 21, 2005)

1. Hostel
- rooms with bathroom on the same floor
- shared kitchen
- TV / social rooms
- Internet
- Bedclothes, room service, kitchen utensils and dishes are provided

Single room: U$S 39 per day (breakfast included)
Double room: U$S 22 per day (breakfast included)
Shared room (3 guests): U$S 17 per day (breakfast included)
Shared room (4 guests): U$S 15 per day (breakfast included)
Shared room (6 to 8 guests): U$S 14 per day (breakfast included)

2. Home Stay
We can arrange for you to stay with a family or other Argentine students.
The majority of these apartments include:
Shared bathroom
Cable TV
Cleaning service
Linens (changed once each week)

- Private bedroom:
U$S 700 a month (without meals)
U$S 200 a week (without meals)

- Shared bedroom (double room):
U$S 525 per person per month (without meals)
U$S 150 per person per week (without meals)

3. Shared apartment
Single or double room with shared bathroom.
Use of kitchen, sheets, room cleaning.
Selected private bathroom.
(Shared apartment with Argentine people and maybe one or more language student)

- Single room:
U$S 700 a month.
U$S 200 a week.

- Double room:
U$S 525 per person a month.
U$S 150 per person a week.

4. Student's Residence
Shared room with other students of the same sex. The rooms are all fully furnished and
provide internet connection for your own computer in every room. The prices include the
following services and facilities:

Wifi Internet access
public phone
weekly room cleaning service
Bed sheets (no towels)

Prices From:
Single room: U$S 164 per week (in Barrio Norte)
Double room: U$S 138 per week (in Barrio Norte)
Shared room (3 guests): U$S 110 per week (in Barrio Norte)
Shared room (4 guests): U$S 130 per week (in Palermo)

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