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/// What makes Live Lingua Arabic Different?

Here are just a few of the reasons to study with us at Live Lingua Arabic.

  • 1-on-1 Skype Arabic lessons any day of the week.
  • Our Arabic teachers have years of experience of teaching Arabic to foreigners.
  • All of our Skype Arabic teachers can speak a second language
  • Native Arabic speaking teachers from all over the Middle East.
  • Each Arabic lesson lasts for 60 minutes.
  • Total flexibility for Arabic classes. Enroll in as many or as few hours as you would like.
  • 60 minute long free trial lessons!

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/// Skype Lesson Costs

Total Hours Purchased Cost Per Hour
1-9 $24.00 U.S.
10-19 $23.00 U.S.
20-29 $22.00 U.S.
30-39 $21.00 U.S.
40+ $19.99 U.S.
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/// Students Testimonial

Here is what some of our hundreds of students have said about their Skype Arabic lessons.

Salam. My company regularly sent me to the Middle-East and Northern Africa and I always felt uncomfortable depending on my translator for everything. I could never keep up with any classes since I spend 6-8 month a year traveling.

[Live Lingua Arabic] has been a godsend. I would recommend Live Lingua to anybody who is in my situation, or somebody who simply wants to learn Arabic from great native speaking teachers.

Jimmie M. - Director of CC

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Experienced Arabic Tutors

Our Arabic teachers have university degrees and years of Arabic teaching experience.

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/// Skype ARABIC Student Testimonials

Find out what our Arabic students have said about their learning experiences at Live Lingua.

Arabic Student Testimonials

  • It is very hard to find a native Arabic speaking teacher in my area, but I needed to learn it for a new job that would move me to north Africa. Live Lingua Arabic was a godsend for me.

    John D.
  • [My Arabic tutor] is a exceptional. She is very attentive and not only is teaching me about the Arabic language but also the cultural norms.

    Emmanuel M.
  • My husband is from Saudi Arabia and his mom did not speak English or German, that is why I started with Live Lingua. My in-law was very impressed with my level this last time we visited.

    Ira P.
  • Most of my clients speak Arabic, and I was no comfortable when they called me on the phone. Now I can speak with them without any problem, and my boss is very happy with the results.

    Oksana P. - Travel Agent
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