/// Notes on the Basic Spanish Sentences

1.Hola Qué tal-explanation ¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? is a greeting generally used with a person whom you already know more than casually, and who occupies a status approximately equivalent to yours.

2.-explanation Con permiso is used to excuse yourself when, for example, you are on an elevator and need to squeeze between other people who are in front of you in order to get out; or , when you want to excuse yourself from a group you are talking with. It is not ordinarily interchangable with dispénseme-explanation-1dispénseme.

3.dispénseme-explanation-2 dispénseme is used as an apology for minor breach of etiquette, to interrupt a conversation to ask about something, etc.

4. Note that muchas-explanation muchas 'many' is simply the feminine plural of a word mucho-explanation mucho 'much' that you also met in the phrase mucho gusto. The -explanation is the plural part, while the a-explanation before the s-explanation is the feminine marker.

5.No hay de qué-explanation No hay de qué is used when the other person thanks you for some small favor you have done for him; it is about the same as De nada-explanation De nada.

6.Encantado de concerla-explanation Encantado de concerla is regularly used only when you are introduced to a woman (if you are a man). If you are a woman, a different form is used and you should not learn this sentence to use yourself.

7. Mucho gusto de concerlo-explanation Mucho gusto de concerlo is what you say (if you are a man) to another man, or else just the short form Mucho gusto. In Spain, instead of you say .

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